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Super easy to use, they look fantastic and everyone wanted to know where I got them from!!


Best lashes ever

Finally I can lash!

Package arrived reasonably fast to Asia. It works as advertised. Though i had to trim them to suit my eye shape. They stay all day!

Starter Kit
Good product

More confortable than other magnetic lashes. I love the invisible liner.

Natural Kit
Catherine N.
Invisible Liner

The invisible liner is absolutely very helpful as it is not as messy as the black. The only thing that I hope there'll be improvement or improvisation is that to make the liner more easier to apply. Reason being: There's no way you will avoid touching your own lashes and it'll be coated as well.

Yasmin U.
Pleasantly surprised

I honeslty didn't have high hopes for these as my biggest issue with false lashes is that as the day goes on, the glue goes all tacky and makes your eye lids sticky, resulting in the lashes peeling up.

I thought this would be much the same as you have to put the liner on to get them to stick, but I was pleasantly surprised. I tested them out on a hot day, went for a run and did an exercise class in them and although they did start to lift a little, they were much more comfortable than the glue lashes and it was easy to stick them back down.

Overall very impressed and will be ordering more!

frederique h.
Amazing curly shape

Lovely curl to these eyelashes which is very flattering for hooded eyes. Not too long so I can wear my glasses with them 🥰 and sometimes I put 2 strips on top of the other! 😉

Dramatic Deluxe Kit
Jennifer A.
I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Lashible lashes!

My Lashible Lashes are the best! Ordered two Dramatic Deluxe Kits with the Invisible Magnetic Lashes. I have the Sweetie, Honey, Starr, and Bebe Lashes. I am so in love with them. They are very comfortable and lightweight! They are very easy to wear. I just followed their instructions down to the T and never had a problem putting them on.

They brighten up my face, and they look so natural on my eyes. It has made such a huge difference in my life to have my eyes always looking pretty even without make up on. I adore my Lashible lashes to the moon and back!

P.S. Oh, and I want add that their packaging is super pretty! <3

Natural Kit
Changed my whole glam routine!

The bands are flexible, soft and doesn’t poke at the eyes. You can see from my photo that both ends adhere beautifully. Takes less than 2 minutes to pop them on. Changed my getting ready routine especially when I don’t want to go a full face but adding these lashes instantly made me look put together.

Cynthia R.
Best lashes I’ve ever tried!

I used to get lash extensions exclusively then stopped because of the pandemic, but these are literally even better than my extensions were, and I can still take them off and rub my eyes like a 3 year old when they get itchy! Best of both worlds!

So Far So Good!

So far I am really liking these lashes. I have tried both MoxieLash and Lashify lashes but was intrigued by Lashible having no small magnets, as the cleaning process of the above mentioned brands is tedious and often results in magnets coming off!
Regarding this kit in particular, I really like the clear liner. It dries quickly and has great holding power! Unfortunately the black liner arrived dried up and unusable but customer service corrected the situation right away! Shown are the Princess lashes.
The individual lashes are a little thicker and stiffer than the other brands I've tried, and they're a little straighter, too. At first I didn't like that look but it's growing on me and I actually think they're more natural looking than super-long mega-curled lashes! I've already ordered more pairs of lashes!

Route Package Protection!

Package was delivered pretty fast and in good condition! Excellent service!


I recommend Lashible! I used to get my eyelash extensions done all the time, but these beauties are much cheaper and look just as good, if not better! My favorite set is kitten; I've ordered the black and clear liners, and I'm so happy with them! They are soooo good for beginners! The service, packaging, and presentation are all amazing!!

You need to get these now!

If you haven't already, go get the Angel and Kitten lashes now! You don't understand how many people asked me where I had my lashes done when I wear them! No joke, these lashes look hot and even the Pearl lashes had people asking me where my lashes were from. I remember seeing the hype on TikTok on these lashes and I just had to give them a go. Best decision I ever made!

Best lashes I've ever purchased…

I can’t thank this company enough. Not only are they my go-to place for lashes (which are honestly the best lashes I’ve ever had, and can be reused so many times), but they’re one of the kindest, most generous companies I’ve ever shopped with! Their invisible liner is the best! Makes applying lashes so easy.

Best lashes around!!!!

These lashes are insane! They’re the best lashes out there in the market, they’re stunning! Girls have stopped me and asked me what lash tech I go to! They look just like Russian volumes, they’re amazing. They’re so easy to apply with the magnetic eyeliner too, it will change your life. The customer service is great. I love this company so much.

Love these lashes!

Love these lashes!! So easy to put on and they look amazing, so many people have asked me where I got my lashes done! They are very versatile too, you can use them with the magnetic or invisible liner. They also come with a magnetic storage case that you can just stick them straight in. I've had so many compliments when wearing them. 100% recommend

Deluxe Kit

I can't explain how much I love these lashes!!! Easy to use, especially with the clearer adhesive, and no visible magnets. I can't wait to order more styles. Thank You ❤

Lashes are great quality.

I Love ❤ 😍 these lashes. Sturdy and well made. Easy to apply.

Starter Kit
Ryan B.V.
Love them!

They are perfect they are easy to apply, light for all day wear, and stay on all day!

Dana W.

Love these eyelashes, easy to put on and off when I need them

This is not a drill, people!

I love Lashible. Every time I wear them I get a ton of compliments. I recommend them all the time to people. They seriously stick on forever. The first time taking them off I went Oooooh! This is how we are gunna be? Okay then. I have worn them through massages (when I forget that I have one booked) and workouts. No slipping, no detaching at the edges. They are my favorites. I will have these forever

Starter Kit
Claudia P.
In love with these lashes!

Their texture is amazing and they look and feel wonderful ,I am in love with these lashes! these are the easiest and most comfortable of them all. There's no ugly little visible magnets. You don't even see the magnets. The eyeliner is easy to use and works so well. I've had my lashes for over a month and have no issues reusing them over and over. They don't blow off in windy weather either. These are great lashes.

Starter Kit
Chloe P.
Obsessed with these!!

I’m obsessed with these invisible magnetic lashes, makes it so easy to apply, lasts all day, and lashes don’t get ugly and no sticky residue, I am living in these lashes

Starter Kit
Emily K.
Better than other magnetic lashes I've tried

I really like these better than the regular magnetic ones from other brands. These are so light and they don’t irritate my eyes at all. They go on easily and quick. They stay on all 12 hours of my shift. I get lots of compliments. They also last ages so I can reuse them over and over again.