Lashible 2022 Year in Review

Lashible 2022 Year in Review

Welcome to the Lashible 2022 Year in Review! As the new year begins, we wanted to take a moment to reflect on all that we have accomplished as a magnetic lash brand and to express our gratitude to all of our loyal customers and supporters.

Since our launch in September 2021, Lashible has quickly become the go-to brand for high-quality magnetic lashes that are cruelty-free and vegan. Our innovative and easy-to-use magnetic lashes and liners have helped thousands of people around the world to achieve beautiful lashes without the hassle of traditional glue-on lashes or lash extensions.

But our success in our first year was not just about the products we created. It was also about the community that we have built and the connections we have made with our customers and followers. Your support and feedback have been integral to our growth and we cannot thank you enough for choosing Lashible.

As we look back on the past year, we are proud of all that we have achieved and are excited for all that is to come in 2023. So join us as we celebrate the highlights of our 2022 Year in Review.

We made a splash in the beauty industry with the launch of the world's first invisible magnetic lashes.
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After going viral on TikTok and selling out multiple times, we expanded our product line to include our 'Better Than Extensions' Collection which are the world's first magnetic lashes that look like lash extensions, and our 12 micro magnet lashes which feature 50% smaller and lighter magnets than other brands for all day weightless comfort.
In response to customer demand and our Invisible Adhesive Liner selling out, we reformulated it to be even better than before. Our Black Magnetic Liner has also been reformulated to be the best magnetic liner on the market, with an easy-to-remove, smooth formula that doesn't smudge, flake, dry out and isn't thick and clumpy like magnetic liners from other brands.
We're proud to have helped over 4000 people upgrade their lash and beauty routine, and we're excited to now be available on Amazon as well. Make the switch to our innovative magnetic lashes and liners and see for yourself why thousands of people around the world rave about them. 

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